Losing the weight and maintaining it, the easy way

Originally posted 2016-04-19 21:35:12.

Weight loss by the Spoonful

By Anthony Metiz –NASM CPT


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So you just found out that over half of the American Population is overweight or obese.

It is very concerning. Are we as a people so numb to the feeling of being overweight that we don’t realize we are? Where is our willpower? Why are we not actively changing?

There are millions of ways to lose weight, fitness programs, and supplements. People could simply cut what they eat in half every day. It can literally be that simple. Reminding ourselves to stop eating when we are not full.

The average American who is obese or overweight is spending more on food and medication than on the things that could be bettering themselves mentally and physically. That is not their fault either. Our countries health insurance should be geared towards helping those with preventative care like free gym memberships, free dietary supplements, and free personal training. Sometimes it seems like the government wants us fat and lazy. I refuse to be part of the majority and so should you.

If it were me, and it was about saving someone’s life, I would actively be reaching out to them daily to make sure they are on track. I know we have free will, but the problem with that is it comes with way too many options. There are far too many options for food these days and too few that are actually beneficial to us. They should change the dietary guidelines across the boards in the US. They should limit how many groceries you can buy per day, per week, and per month based on your macro nutrients. We spend excess amounts of money on food that goes to waste. People are starving in other areas of the world and we are just here getting larger and larger. We have too much excess and that will eventually be our downfall unless we change now.

Eat what you need, not what you can. Do what you need to do, not what you can do. If we did this more often, the rate of overweight Americans would drop. We just need to hold each other accountable and help each other live a long healthy life. A 10 to 20-pound weight loss can be life or death for some people.

If you know someone who is overweight and you know they have complications because of it, reach out to them. Let them know you are there for them and will help them through starting a process to change for the better. Being healthy is our right as a species. Being strong is our right as a species. Making intelligent choices is our right as a species! We are not thinking, we are on auto-pilot. We are literally 2 or 3 decades away from it looking like the ship on Wall-E everywhere we go.

We must stand together to beat obesity to live or sit together and die.

How can I lose weight effectively and long term?


This is the question. The answer is as easy as asking the question. Simplify.
Make your choices for food as fuel smaller, make the grocery list simple.
Limit it to a certain number of items and then add more as you become consistent.
When Americans were at their thinnest, we didn’t have vending machines in every junior high or high school. We ate on a schedule and at the same time every day. That regulates hormones. Nowadays we have places open 24 hours, fast food, and too many options that just sabotage our goals of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy waistline. Below I will break down the plan that will bring us back to a consistent eating regimen and make it so easy that you can cook all of the food you will eat for 3 days at a time in less than 1 hour.





The Plan

This is the easiest and most routine way to eat healthy, maintain weight loss, and keep your stress levels low. Make your choices simple and success is only a matter of time.

Utilizing coconut oil or MCT oil will be the bread and butter of this eating strategy. You can easily control your calorie intake with the use of these oils. 1 Tbsp. of MCT or coconut oil is roughly 100 kcals. So you can add more or less depending on your goal of weight loss or weight maintenance. Also, these oils are muscle sparing so they will help you to recompose your body and hold on to the lean tissue you have (this is what makes your look “good”).

So we pair these oils with fat burning nutrients, protein rich foods, and green vegetables to have a well-rounded meal plan.

Here is the breakdown:

Every single day – Try to be active for at least 60 minutes. Walking, playing or dancing.(Anything really, just move around.) Lifting weights is also a great way to lose weight. Do not be afraid that you will get bigger, because you will not as long as you are keeping your calories lower than your BMR. BMR is the rate of calories your burn just being alive. It takes into account your activity level as well. Here is a free calculator for it http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/.

Now on to what you are going to be putting in your body. The food choices will be boring, but losing weight will not. You will be eating the same things every single day and that is what is going to really help you succeed in the long run. The more we eat the same foods, the more efficient our bodies become at digesting them. This list is so simple it will allow you to take the pressure off of what you are eating so you can focus on what you are doing every day instead.

The grocery list is short and easy:

  1. Eggs
  2. Chicken, lean beef, or fish
  3. Almonds
  4. Coconut Oil or MCT Oil
  5. Coffee – Organic preferred
  6. Green Tea – Tea bags
  7. Broccoli, spinach, or green beans
  8. Apples or Berries – Blue, black, or raspberries preferred

Space out your meals every couple of hours. You will have 1 tbsp. of Coconut oil or MCT oil with each meal. Either straight up or mixed into water, coffee, or tea. You will the MCT oil 7 to 8 times per day. Depending on your calorie and energy needs. I currently do 10 tbsp. per day and I weigh 260 lbs. with 15 to 17% body fat. I am not a small man but I am fit and muscular. If you are on the bigger size, you can add another portion of protein as well. Too much protein is not a thing so don’t be afraid to eat a little more meat if you are still hungry. It will fill you up quickly. You can’t overeat on protein.



  • Wake up:
    20 oz. of water. Either cold or room temp. Whichever is easier to drink. Everyone is different.
  • Before Breakfast:
    Fat loss Elixir- Either 1 cup of coffee or green tea with a tbsp. of Coconut oil or MCT oil
  • Breakfast:
    3 hard boiled eggs and green vegetables. Easy to cook and easy to prep in bulk.(Hard boil the eggs however you can : stove top, egg cooker, in muffin tins in the oven, or even in the coffee pot.)
  • Snack:
    1 serving of almonds and fruit. Apples or berries are recommended. ½ cup of fruit is plenty.
  • Before Lunch:
    Fat loss Elixir- Either 1 cup coffee or green tea with a tbsp. of Coconut oil or MCT oil
  • Lunch:
    2 servings of lean protein – fish, chicken, or beef. 2 servings of green vegetables.
  • Snack #2:
    Almonds only. No fruit with this one. This will help to regulate blood sugar later in the day.
  • Before Dinner:
    Fat loss Elixir- Either 1 cup coffee or green tea with a tbsp. of Coconut oil or MCT oil (This one can be skipped if you are sensitive to caffeine; however it is recommended you have the 1 tbsp. of oil still, straight up or mixed in a drink)
  • Dinner:
    2 servings of lean protein- fish, chicken, or beef. 2 servings of green vegetables.

THAT’S IT!!!!!

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Follow this guideline and you will lose weight actively and long-term. This meal plan has enough protein and healthy carbs to give you all the nutrients you need. Of course, depending on your medical needs you can add or remove servings of protein or vegetables as needed. It is documented in many studies that MCT fats like those from Coconut Oil or MCT Oil are extremely healthy and should be consumed in moderation daily.

Where to get MCT Oil?

I have linked the Now Foods MCT Oil I used to experiment with this eating strategy throughout this article. You can pick it up at Amazon.com. I like it because it comes in a glass bottle and is odorless and tasteless. Also, you can pick up any Coconut Oil from Amazon.com that is organic. I have used many different coconut oils with great results and it can also be picked up at Amazon.com. I am in no way affiliated with those products but I do use them so I can speak for their effectiveness.

How to take supplements with this meal plan?

Supplements to me are a dime a dozen. I have used everything under the sun and the only one I believe actually does anything at all is Fish Oil. I recommend taking a quality Fish Oil daily. Quality just means it comes from a reputable source that they sell in stores like Natural Grocers or any other organic grocer. There are too many out there that are not the correct dose or not utilized by the body efficiently. Fish Oil helps with inflammation, which can be a key factor in weight loss. If your body is battling inflammation, you are stressed, which releases hormones to stop fat burning and start storing. When our bodies are stressed, we go into to survival mode and store everything we consume. When we are stress-free, our bodies burn fuel freely and efficiently.

Set a goal and conquer it!

Now I suggest trying this for three weeks straight. It takes at least a week for our bodies to adjust, one week for our bodies to decide whether it likes something, and one week for our body to evolve to a new way of eating. Three weeks is all it takes to see a difference. I like to break my goals down into three-week blocks, if you can be consistent for three weeks why not six or nine or twelve? Take it three weeks at a time and you will get results. Put your goal weight down on a piece of paper, print this out and read it every day, and weigh yourself at the start of each week. Hold yourself accountable. You are the only one who can. You have to make sure you keep a good well-written journal of what you do to get to your goal. Do not worry about next, focus on today. Do everything you can today to stay on track and to keep to your goal. That is how you reach it. Write down everything you are going to do and eat for that day, mark off each item as you complete it. Do this every day and the goal is yours.

So that’s really it?

Yes, that is it. Your grocery bill should be lower, your body will feel lighter, and you will start to look better and better each day. It is a win-win. So give this a try and feel free to ask me any questions before, during, and after starting it. I love to answer questions and help people reach their goals. I am a certified personal trainer and avid nutrition advisor. I have assisted dozens of friends, family, and total strangers make leaps and bounds in their health, wealth, and fitness.

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