Thrive Le-vel Review and Opportunity

Originally posted 2017-02-01 13:39:21.

Thrive Le-vel

Products Offered to help with:
>Weight Management& Weight Loss

> Cognitive Performance

> Digestive & Immune Support > Joint Support

> Lean Muscle Support > Aches & Discomfort Relief

> Anti-Aging & Antioxidant Support

Le-Vel branded itself as a premium “lifestyle” company. It sells four main products in the popular Thrive lineup, which includes:

· Thrive w (for women)

· Thrive m (for men)

· Thrive lifestyle DFT (To improve weight loss)

· Thrive lifestyle mix

Le-Vel recommends customers do an eight-week challenge with these products to get the utmost benefits. The eight-week premium plan will enable you experience and reach peak mental and physical levels.

Lose Weight with Thrive Products

Thrive comes in capsules form. The user takes the number of capsules recommended per day to achieve his/her goal. Whether your goal is to get in the best shape you have ever dreamt of or lose weight, thrive products are tailored to meet your specific needs. Besides, these products provide you with more energy and gives considerable benefits in the areas of anti-aging and antioxidant support, inflammation support, joint support, digestive and immune support.

Benefits of Joining Le-Vel as a Customer and a Promoter

It’s simple and cost free to join this company. There are 11 different ways by which Le-Vel Company pays its promoters.

1. Retail Sales

As a brand promoter, you can earn 20% on the BV of the orders of your personal customers. As an active and qualified promoter, which is a minimum of $100 in personal volume created by you or the orders of your clients, you will also get a percentage of the orders created by promoters in your sponsorship tree.

2. Vanishing Autoship

When you get two personal customers enlisted in the Autoship Program, then you get eligible to receive a free product in every month provided that they continue their Autoship. The same applies to customers if they bring two customers, theirs will be free.

3. Infinity Fast Start

As an active promoter, you can start earning bonuses on the product packages bought by the upgrading, or new promoters.

4. Infinity Fast Start Match

You must have a minimum of two qualified and active promoters to get eligible for this bonus. With the bonus, you are entitled to earn a 10 percent match on the quick start commissions on your personally enrolled promoters.

5. Fast Start Match Accelerator

Like the quick start match, a promoter can accelerate his/ her match income by enrolling for the accelerator bonus. Instead of 10 percent you earn 20 percent match on the quick start commissions on your enlisted promoters.

6. IPad Mini Bonus

To get this bonus, you must reach 4000 QV within your first 30 days, and you will receive an iPad Mini.

7. GO VIP Bonus

With this bonus, you can earn up to $200 in thrive credits plus $ 800 cash within your first 14 days.

8. Uni-Level Team Commissions

As an active brand promoter, you can earn as much as eight percent on the BV on each level of your placement tree up to eight levels deep.

9. Team Commissions Matching Bonus

This is a very powerful feature of the Le-Vel pay plan. You can earn a match of the commissions earned by promoters in the uni-level team that you enrolled. Advance to the rank of 4K VIP and receive a 20-40 percent match.

10. VIP Auto Bonus

You can earn an $ 800 Monthly bonus towards a Mercedes, black or white BMW, Cadillac or Lexus at the 12K VIP rank.

11. Lifestyle Gateway

After you achieve the rank of 40K VIP, you can enjoy trips to Italy, Las Vegas, New York, Napa Valley, Caribbean, and Alaska just to mention a few spots.

It’s also exciting to note that Le-Vel Company pays weekly on every Tuesday via direct deposit. There are no payment delays with this company.

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