The 10 Minute Fix For Permanent Weight loss

Originally posted 2016-05-12 11:16:21.

The 10-Minute Fix


Working out for 10 minutes is enough to increase metabolism and improve fitness.

Americans 24 to 55 are only active for about 18 minutes a day. Not including everyday movements such as walking, sitting, or standing.

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Americans that are full-time students are active for about 35 minutes per day. Almost double that of working 24 to 55 years old’s with kids. They spend an hour more per day on leisure and sports with about 35 minutes of that being physical fitness related.

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This is the problem our country faces. We work hard in college to get the job we want, and then we get the job we kind of want and become complacent. Once you have a job with responsibility, you focus on everything work related and family related. You forget about yourself. You try to be active and work out a few times a week but you never see the results you want so you don’t focus on it anymore.

We are going to do a grand experiment on the American population. I have a theory that might just change the course of history and make us a healthier, happier country.

If about 20 minutes a day is the difference between college students and adults with kids staying in shape, then we are going to fix this starting today.

18 minutes a day of activity is enough to stay in shape; however we are not using the time efficiently.
So what we are going to do is apply a simple 10-minute fix. A 10-minute circuit of 5 exercises all done twice for a minute each time. 2 minutes per exercise total. All of these exercises can be done anywhere at any time. All the moves are chosen to help combat the aches and pains most people associate with everyday life.

Here are the moves:

  1. Pushups – Either wall, hands elevated, or regular. (Make it moderately challenging for you)
  2. Squats – Either up and down into your chair or just standing bodyweight squats.
  3. Good Mornings – hold something moderately heavy, like a laptop bag with the laptop in it and slightly bend your knees, bend at your waist until your lower back and glutes feel tight then flex your lower back and return to standing. Keep your back straight during the movement.
  4. Planks – Every person should be able to hold a plank for 60 seconds. If not quite there, do 20-second holds during the minute.
  5. Bonus – Pick your favorite move and do it again, or do a different move here each time. You can literally do anything here, whether its chin ups or pullups, sprints, jogging, high knees, jumping jacks, jump rope, or more squats! Whatever you want and make sure it is challenging.



So that is our 10-minute fix. You progress the moves once you are doing them easy by adding resistance, changing the angle, or even going to one leg squats or one arm pushups.

Anyone can bring a 10 or 20-pound dumbbell with them wherever they are so this is an easy way to add resistance to these moves too.


Now this is where the whole plan comes together.

You have to do this circuit at least twice a day. Twice a day should be enough for general health.

Now my challenge to you is to not settle for general health. General should not be good enough for anyone! I want to challenge everyone to try to do this at least 6 times a day. That is one hour of activity split up throughout the day. I feel that this is enough for optimal health and vast improvements in physical fitness. 6 times a day may sound like a lot but let me show you my breakdown of how I do it throughout the day.


Wake up at 6 am – 20 oz. water then 10-minute fix.

Workout at 7am – Take a break from work at 10 am then 10-minute fix.

Lunch at noon – Go home for lunch, do a 10-minute fix then eat, shower and back to work.

Break at 230pm – Take a break from work then 10 minutes fix.

Off work at 4pm – Get home then do a 10-minute fix, followed with a snack.

Dinner at 6pm – Eat dinner and wait about 30 minutes then do the 10-minute fix.

Workout time at 8pm – Strength training or Cardio workout

Bedtime at 11pm – do another 10-minute fix


So as you can see, I can do 7 of the 10 minutes fixes without really taking away from my day or my family. My wife does it with me and we feel it really makes a difference in our energy levels and we are both actively losing weight together. We set the timer and we get to work. It’s a very simple setup, not expensive equipment needed, and it’s a completely portable workout. We mix it up with different equipment if available. Do monkey bars at the park, or go up the slide backwards. Anything movement based can be applied to the 10-minute fix formula.

Just make sure the movements you are doing are challenging each time and you will see results and you will LIVE those results. I challenge you to try it and make a change in your life that extends your life.

Don’t be complacent.