Online Personal Training- 1st week is free!

Originally posted 2016-06-13 11:33:46.

Online Personal Training

There are many ways for us to become more healthy and lose weight. However, there are certain methods that work best for some and not so great for others.

I have devised a few strategies to help with sustained weight loss over the long term. I have one plan that is free to try in the downloads section titled “Weight loss by the Spoonful”. This utilizes a simple diet method to get quality calories and control what you eat. It is a boring way to lose weight but as you become more consistent you can add more variety of foods to it. It’s all about changing your lifestyle by limiting the foods you consume so you can live a limitless life.


I offer 3 different programs currently:

-General Weight loss and Good Health
-Muscle Building and Body Recomposition
-Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance

Home page plans options

All programs consist of 6 weeks of meal planning, workout planning, and daily motivation provided all by me. Each workout and meal plan is tailored to each person specifically to ensure optimal success. The amount of weight you lose or muscle you gain is primarily up to you. You have to follow the plan to the T and really want to change your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Each 6 weeks block is $50 total  for 6 weeks of personal training with 24/7 guidance and motivation.

Included in each block is :

  • Custom meal plan and meal prep assistance/ideas – based on goal of weight loss, muscle building, or healthy lifestyle
  • Custom workout plan – based on equipment available
  • Email support 24/7 – for guidance, motivation, and to hold each other accountable
  • Skype chat or facetime support 9am to 5pm every single day – We schedule times to chat and again hold each other accountable.
  • Challenge workouts – Every few days will be a challenge workout to keep the body guessing.
  • Group workouts – If you and a friend want to sign up we can do partner workouts and there will be video workouts available for groups as well.
  • Supplement recommendations – I can procure supplements based on your goals and get you wholesale price on most. These blocks do not require supplements but the right ones can help specific people and their specific needs.


If you are interested in giving this training method a try, please message me below, on facebook at , or email me at and we can start your first week for free with no purchase or payment info needed at all. This will give you an idea of what to expect and to really show the value of this service. I only accept payments via Paypal to protect you the buyer and myself as well. There will be an agreement/medical release that will need to be signed before we start the paid plans. I will forward it to you once you decide which plan is right for you.

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