Weight loss by the Spoonful

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Enclosed is an eBook with a diet plan that I have used personally to lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks. Those are my results so of course others would have different results depending on how consistent they are with the plan. It is very simple and utilizes Coconut Oil and MCT oil along with healthy food choices you can find in any grocery store or super market. It is simple and the results are awesome!

Here is an excerpt from the book :



How can I lose weight effectively and long term?

This is the question that everyone asks. What if I told you the answer is as easy as asking the question itself. Simplify.

Make your choices for food as fuel smaller, make the grocery list simple.
Limit it to a certain number of items and then add more as you become consistent.
When Americans were at their thinnest, we didn’t have vending machines in every junior high or high school. We ate on a schedule and at the same time every day. That regulates hormones. Nowadays we have places open 24 hours, fast food, and too many options that just sabotage our goals of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy waistline. Below I will break down the plan that will bring us back to a consistent eating regimen and make it so easy that you can cook all of the food you will eat for 3 days at a time in less than 1 hour.