Bowflex Max Trainer and Bowflex Selecttech 1090 Dumbbells Review!

Originally posted 2016-02-06 23:08:17.


The Bowflex Max Trainer is like an elliptical on steroids. This thing is intense. There is nothing “easy” about using this machine and that’s what makes it brilliant by design. You have to utilize your whole body to get it going and to control yourself while on it. It has unlimited program customization’s and one hell of a Max interval setting. 14 minutes of brutal hell is what it is and you will burn 200 calories plus every time. It tells you how fast you need to be going and how fast you went the last interval to keep you pushing.



*yeah that is the hulk hanging out*

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Cardio isnt fun, but this machine is not just cardio.  IT is a total body workout because the handles allow you to utilize your arms in a pushing motion that incorporates your entire body. I have never used a cardio machine that made my abs hurt afterwords! This machine is intense and worth every bit of its price tag. Especially since you can get Bowflex financing without good credit. They use a 3rd party to still finance you even if you are under 600-650 credit ratings. The finance charges will be slightly higher but for a $1500 workout machine, paying $100.00 per month is not crazy. Plus they also offer special financing and free delivery. Their sales are pretty amazing and offer some great deals to help you get started on your journey.

I have been using the Max trainer for 6 months now and no other form of cardio does what this thing does. I can run 3 miles and not break nearly a sweat as I do on the Max trainer. My heart rate never gets as high as it does on the Max trainer nor do I “feel” the workout as much as I do on it. I honesty feel that the Max trainer could replace ellipticals and other cardio machines if Bowflex went after that market. They are just too dang good! Efficient and effective machines that let you get back to real life in no time. That’s how all fitness equipment should be! And if you arent into doing “leg days” the Max trainer will give you a killer leg workout every time you do it. You can get really developed legs using this machine my changing your foot placement, tip toes, heels, or shifting your weight to hit different areas of your lower body!

I have the M5 Max Trainer but it looks like they released a new version!
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Selecttech Dumbbells and Max Trainer-Match made in heaven!



I use the Selecttech 1090 Dumbbells to do intense circuit work or a Body Beast circuit workout then jump on the Max trainer right after for some Max intervals. This workout regimen leaves me dripping in sweat. However, after 6 weeks of this I have dropped 2 pant sizes and just feel great! The Selecttech dumbbells allow you to breeze through circuit workouts and change the weight you are using quickly with a twist of a dial. They are great! You can do pyramid sets faster and more efficiently than with standard weights. No more plate pushing or putting up weights! Anyone who wants a quick and dirty workout these are the best weights our there! I honest want to get another set of the 552 Selecttechs just to have some lighter weight already dialed in to get even more efficient with my workouts. Excellent equipment and totally worth the price! Puts an entire set of dumbbells in your home that sit neatly in the corner on their available stand!

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We don’t have a huge house and our dining area is only 10 x 12 but this equipment fits in there with our computer desk, cat tower, and a weight bench! So the equipment has a small footprint for sure! Cant beat a full gym in your dining area and still have room for everything else!

I highly recommend both of these products as well as the entire Bowflex line for anyone that wants quality equipment and those who do not want to deal with the everyday gym crowd.

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