Body Beast Team Beachbody Workout DVD Review!

Originally posted 2016-02-01 15:20:34.


Body Beast by Team BeachBody

This workout program is very well structured and offers to help new lifters gain a considerable amount of mass very quickly. It comes with a workout calendar based on your goals, a foolproof meal plan to meet your macros, and a very easy to follow workout program spread across multiple DVDs. Overall, I would give this a 4 out of 5 for novice lifters. For experienced lifters and athletes, it really wont do too much for you besides be a good cardio alternative.

If you are an experienced lifter, this will be alot of volume and not much else. It utilizes pyramid sets and drop sets very well, however the rep range is way to high for solid “strength” gains. When you are an experienced lifter, volume will only get you so far before you have to get stronger to engage more muscle fibers total. Now for anyone who is looking to get into a solid program, this does work and you will be sore.

But you should not rate how sore you are as a factor of you reaching your goals or not. Use your scale, measurements and how you feel for that.



I recommend getting a set of adjustable dumbbells because you will move quickly through the exercises. This will help to make the workouts flow better and keep your heart rate up! I use the Selettech Dumbbells from Bowflex, you can check them out here and save $50 OFF + FREE Shipping on the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 – OR – FREE Shipping on the SelectTech 552 at! Use code: BOWFLEXFIT (Limited Time only).
For me the workouts are almost impossible to keep up with the instructor without these quick change dumbbells. You can read my review on these dumbbells here

For new lifters this is a great way to get used to a structured program with varying lifts and rep ranges. For experienced lifters not so much a strength or muscle building workout as it would be a cardio routine. I was dripping with sweat after each workout and I still do one day a week of this to shock things a bit. It is a great program with science backed exercises but if you are an experienced lifter of 2 to 3 years this will not get you big results or let you hit higher strength numbers.

If you are looking for strength and size work as an experienced lifter I would do StrongLifts 5×5 or something similar and then maybe throw in Body Beast for 4 to 6 weeks and then go back to the 5×5. Again the structure of Body Beast is great, it is just too much volume if you are already an experienced lifter looking to pack on more mass or gain strength. The more experienced you get, less should be more as you should be using much higher poundage and more advanced lifts.

However, there are some that grow like crazy with higher volumes forever. So use your own discretion when using any kind of rep scheme. I personally grow better when I mix it up every 4 to 6 weeks. Do what works best for you!

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