Binge Eating Can Be Useful, With Fasting!

Originally posted 2016-07-14 10:46:20.


Many people suffer from what is called Binge Eating. I like to call it “my hungry dont turn off”, because really that is what it is. The hunger switch in the body does not shut down after 2 pieces of pizza so you end up eating the entire thing. I have struggled with this my entire life. Why stop at one? (thanks Pringles :/ )

The best thing for anyone who struggles with eating too much when they do is Fasting or Intermittent Fasting. I have found this to really help with my cravings and help me to actually feel full when I eat.

With Intermittent Fasting you eat your last meal between 6pm and 8pm, then you fast until 12 noon the next day or longer. I typically go all the way until 3pm before breaking the fast. Once I decide it is time to eat, I EAT! I with literally go off on whatever we decide to cook for the day.

Now, the key to losing weight with Intermittent Fasting has to do with your food choices when you decide to feast. I usually choose lean cuts of protein, green veggies, and a few good fat sources like almonds. Just eat mounds of these foods and you will get full alot sooner and eventually lose some inches on your waist.

After your initial feast, you can choose to start the fast right away or you can have a few smaller meals to hold you over until 8pm. This will be your eating window. Studies have shown fasting for 16 hours is very efficient and overall good for your health and digestion. There are some other studies that state fasting is not healthy but at the end of the day it is always calories in VS calories out. So for binge eaters, the longer you wait to eat the less calories you will take in. Overall, allowing you to lose weight, eat less, and live more.

If you are planning on having some junk food or “cheat” meals, then I recommend fasting for as long as possible especially if you are a binge eater. This will only help you in the long run. You do not want to have cheat meals every single day. However, once a week can actually help your metabolism stay efficient.

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